Frequently Asked Questions

If your roof is leaking, has lifted or blown off shingles it is best to have a roofer inspect your roof to let you know what needs to be done.
If your roof has only 1 layer of shingles you have the option to have a go over installed. If there is more than one layer you must have a strip and new installed. Roofs can not have more than 2 layers.
Call us. Our company gives a 10-12 year workmanship warranty depending on the roofing system that was installed. We will repair free of charge any repair related work we performed excluding storm damage.
It depends on the cause of the leak and condition of the roof. Oftentimes a repair is all you need.
It is highly recommended that a licensed roofer perform roof work due to safety concerns and quality of work.
A properly installed shingle roof should last up to 30 years.
Pricing depends on size of roof, layers, and work being performed. We can not give a price until we inspect the roof.
Yes. It depends on size and work needed to be performed. It may take over a day but often times a day is all it takes.
If you have a roof stripped each time you can have a new roof as many times as you want. A good roof should last around 30 years. If you choose to have a go over installed you may do that once because a roof should have no more than 2 layers.
Quotes are free unless you need detailed description of roof issues.
Of course we are.
A payment ⅓ must be sent in with a signed proposal by cash, check, or money order. Balance is due upon completion unless the job cost is over 10k. If that is the case we ask for a payment of ⅓ upon half completion. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we are unable to accept card payments at this time.
After the 1st deposit is made we order a permit.
Roofing is a weather permitting job. Typically it take 2-3 weeks but it depends on the weather and busyness of the season.
You can either call or email us. We typically respond within a day during office hours.
The cost of the quote given to you typically does not change unless extra work is needed to be performed in order to complete the job. In that case we inform the customer of what needs to be done. Extra work usually consists of wood work which is not known until roof is stripped.

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